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ChangsterDJ, a leader in breakdance and dance crews, has been in bboying for over 10 years and his skill can be seen, unmatched and unparalleled.

With him are many other dancers with the same passion & skill.

We have done many shows and have lots of experience performing breakdance entertainment!

We employ a variety of talented breakdancers and dancers, and have collaborated with many different performers.

Our dance has and can choreograph, perform, and entertain for films, music videos, shows, parties, events, showcases and more!

From weddings, parties for birthdays, reunions, and even for the Governor General of Canada, we breakdance with true entertainment in mind and talent…

No matter the event, we are the dance crew to look out for!

Combining elements of urban & ethnic grooves & dances for an amazing show & performance.

Breakdance Vancouver BC Canada to rock your show!

Always a great job

Professionally trained for your event!

Original Bboys Canada Incorporated of Changster DJ


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Vancouver Entertainers

Changster Bboys aka Changster DJ Presents, has been a part of the Vancouver BC Canada entertainment scene for a few years now.

One of the originators of Breakdance Crew entertainment in Vancouver BC Canada, Changster Bboys Breakdance Group also represents as Hip Hop Dancers, a major force of hip hop culture.

They show up to your event, entertain, dazzle, and add an extra umph to your party, event, show, wedding, or festival.

They do it for you because they have the skills in this artform to perform and are experienced professionals working with a variety of brands, corporations, and private functions such as weddings, bar miztfahs, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations.

Call us now to book and we will show up, do the show, according to your requirements.

ChangsterDJ presents Ballroom Blitz!

The new groove taking over your town, it is the breakdance crew based out of Vancouver BC Canada.

Brought together for the love of hip hop, breakdance, and being performers and entertainers, Ballroom Blitz is the dance crew to look out for!

Combining many talents and skills we put together an awesome show fit for many occasions and festivities.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas? Party Entertainment Ideas? Product launces? Festivals? Public Events?

Look no further, the Changster Bboys have done it all and more!

Please call and ask!

Wedding Entertainment in Vancouver BC Canada

A very popular choice at weddings for entertainment, we provide a show to hype up the crowd with our Breakdance Group for you!

We have also worked at cultural weddings and events and can fulfill those wants and needs, plus a little more!

Some examples include Punjabi Wedding Entertainment, Indian Wedding Entertainment, South Asian Parties, as well as various other cultural weddings.

Vancouver Breadancers


For The Corporate Events & Brands

We have worked at many corporate parties and events, such as company parties and celebrations and community events and festivals thrown by corporations, and can do so for you too immediately and instantly!

Are you planning a community event like at a club?

Want your brand represented with some extra sprinkling of flavor?

For example, we have worked at events for major brands like Coca Cola, Smirnoff, & Kokanee, when they were throwing parties in the community whereby the event was branded with their logo and brands, thus being a sponsor and advertiser.

Is your company having a party for the holidays?

Christmas party?

A boat cruise?

We got you locked for that too!

Any type of project, give us a ring, and we will bring our Breakdance Talents to it!


Entertainment For Christmas Parties, Halloween, New Years, & Other Celebrations/Holidays

Want to add something cool and fresh and awesome for your next holiday party, Christmas, New Years, Halloween, Canada Day, and other celebrations?

80’s theme party?

Breakdancing Zombies?

Bboy Santa?

Breakdance is a perfect addition to a party or celebration and we have done many.

We got you locked and that’s good news for you!

Contact us now!

Entertainers for Sweet 16 & Quinceanera, Bar & bat Mitzfahs

We have performed and entertained at various parties of this nature.

Add a blessing from hip hop culture with this awesome dance form at your party!

Let’s plan a banging show for your party!

Contact us now!

For You & Your Baby Showers & Birthday Parties Just Because

Changster Bboys is a talented performer and entertainer for birthdays with experience at many shows for people of all ages, celebrating birth!

A definite plush add on and we give the five star royal treatment on our shows for you!

Shining, baby!

Special Skills & Talents for Music Videos & Film/Video/Movie Projects

We will bring the bboy stance, the breakdance, the hip the hop ya just don’t stop for your music video, film, movie, video project.

We add that extra flavor and can also do comedies too!

Below is an example of a project we did for Amrit Bains!

Festivals & Community Events Need A Little Extra Something Something?

We got skills and awesome hip hop and bboying for you, bud!

Give us a contact now and we will work out the details of your project!

Whatever type of event, party, wedding, celebration, festival, show, club event, we got the bboying for you!




We offer lessons in a class format or private one on one instruction to Breakdance 101.

Learn the art of the original elements of hip hop, from powermoves to footwork and all other facets.

All levels of skill are welcome!Please contact us regarding private lessons.

Call is preferred.

Stay tuned for more info!

TONY @ 604.862.7179 by text or call!



Our crews, Rhythm In Action, CHANGSTER DJ PRESENTS, 97 Crew & friends, Pro MOTION DANCE CREW are the best in BC and we have done many shows throughout Vancouver BC Canada and the rest of Canada.

From weddings, parties, to corporate shows and concerts,we always hold it down with a wonderful performance, staying true to the elements of HIP HOP and the dance form of breakdance.

We represent breakdance in Vancouver and also breakdance in Canada as well as the for art form itself…Below is a few gigs we have done, and we have many more under our belt that are not listed.

Add our facebook page, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to the youtube, and stay posted to this page for updates.

Representing Vancity aka Rain City…We keep Hip-hop Alive with real Bboying & Breaking!

Vancouver Breakdance…RIA Breakers…Original Bboys Canada…Van Bboys

x Bboy Crew Authentic x



Zero Gravity Circus, Kokanee Whiteout, Bombay Banquet Hall (Surrey, BC)East Indian Weddin, Feb 11 / 2010 Governor General Olympic Community Event, Gold Key Insurance Christmas Party 2010, Alexa’s Bus, Punjab Hall Surrey BC Canada Wedding Reception, Pearl Banquet Hall (Surrey, BC), Steve Nash Charity Event Half Time Show 2007, Shaw T.V. The Express Interview Peter Kim 2008, Japanese Oops Magazine Front Cover Model 2009, Royal King Palace Breakdance May 9th & 23rd 2010, Mario Gelato’s Wedding Party, GRAND TAJ BANQUET HALL WEDDING RECEPTION, Maskeen Christmas…

vancouver-breakers Vancouver-Breakdancers

B-boying (bboying) &  breakin’, often called breakdancing, is a form of street dance that is very popular.

The dance consists of 4 elements: toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes/suicides.

It was developed as a part of hip-hop culture, and is a very self-expressive form of dance.

Practitioner are known as b-boy (alternatively spelled bboys), b-girl, and breakers, or breakdancers.

The B in B-boy or B-girl, stands for break boy or break girl.

Breakers often engage in battles and performances of this majestic dance from the streets of Bronx NY USA.

Vancouver Performers & Entertainers:

  • weddings
  • corporate events
  • parties
  • music videos
  • bar mitzfahs
  • film talents / stage talents / choreography
  • shows
  • concerts
  • festivals


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