A DJ from Vancouver BC Canada, Changster has been spinning tunes and collecting records for many years. From tape casettes, CDs, Vinyl, and the digital file age, he has worked with various equipment to take care of the music for events and parties, as well as his unique and awesome remixes and mashups, mixes. He has had a keen interest in the art of music for many years and does it for the love and the money. With self driven study, and also schooling at a music institute, he worked his way around music and audio, learning the finer equities of making music and playing music for crowds.

An aficionado of hip hop, a connoisseur of the cultures, he began practicing and playing for many weddings, parties, festivals, TV Shows clubs, and pubs. He started studying and cataloging music to make mashups and remixes, mixes, and also instrumentation for shows. Soon afterwards, he started Changster DJ and began working with various artists in various genres of performing arts and performance. The performers soon started working at many shows around the local BC area of Metro Vancouver Canada. They developed a following with their Hip Hop shows, showcasing DJ and bboys around all the neighborhoods in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley area of beautiful British Columbia, as well as some gigs in Victoria and Whistler.


Here are a few cool mashups and remixes, that are free to download and stream.

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Changster is available for your parties, weddings, events, festivals, TV Shows, corporate events, holiday parties, Christmas Parties, NYE, Halloween, Bar & Bat Mitzfahs, your quinceañera, dances, clubs, pubs, and various other events, parties and showcases you can think of.  Book early and book fast, to ensure your date.

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